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2016 Summer Site Office Hours

Closed Monday, June 27th to Friday, July 15th

Summer Office Hours begin Monday, July 18th: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Closed Fridays: June 17th, July 22nd and July 29th

All School Sites will be closed Monday, August 8th until 11:00 a.m.
áááááá Normal Office Hours Begin on Tuesday, August 9th
This site is no longer being updated. áPlease visit our new site at:á
Science Projects
This year each 6th grade student will be completing a Science Project at home. I will be teaching them each component of the project, and conducting a sample project in class. There will be notes taken, and handouts given so that they can be successful on their own. The projects will be due to me by January 22. FYI.
Late Work/"INC WORK"
Students are required to complete the work assigned for each Chapter, section, unit, or activity. To provide accountability for this, I do not give the student the grade on ABI if the work is not completed. I have students attach the work to the test on the day of the test, and then, if it is complete, I will post the grade that they earned on that test. The homework and assignments are directly related to the grade you will see on ABI. If you see empty red boxes next to a test or an assignment, then you need to look for the notation "inc work." This means that the student did not turn in the full work required to earn that grade. I do not take points off of the test for late work, but any assignments graded separately from tests are only given half credit if late. They can come see me about what they are missing, but all work should be done before tests. All attached work is preparation for the test. If they are doing it after the fact, then it would make sense that they will not score as highly on that test. Please encourage your child to be diligent with work and have it completed on time.
Grading Information
Next Monday, I will be posting some grading information so that you can easily participate in helping your child work toward the best possible grades. You will find it in the "Files" section below, and it is a general list of things to be aware of. I will answer more specific questions for your child as needed through email as you contact me.
It is great to see our new group of students starting to put all the little pieces of the complex puzzle of "Junior High" together. It isn't easy to make some of the adjustments, but I keep asking them to pay attention, ask good questions, and keep trying. They seem to be doing just that. Keep encouraging your child to stay focused on getting things done on time, and helping others to do the same.
Keeping Up on Events at Mesa View
Remember to check the Mesa View School Fusion website for any important events, including clubs that may be starting. I will be updating the Running Club website soon, and hope to have a meeting in the next few weeks to discuss procedures, training, and event dates.
Science Book Online Access
Parents and Students, You can access the Earth Science book online and do not need to take one home if you can access this from your computer. This is important since our "Power Points" will be done as homework. You may want to make sure it works for you as soon as possible, because you will be starting them for homework soon. Otherwise, you will still be able to check out a book if needed. The link to the book is in the "LINKS" section above the announcements.
Water Bottle Gravity Cars...continued!
Some students were not able to complete the process and have a car that achieved the goal of traveling down the ramp and 3 feet beyond it. Those students can build a car at home, bring it in, and test it for full credit. Even if the car did reach the goal, students
can build another car to show their ingenuity and pride of workmanship. Students will be given till Winter break to reach that goal and pass that STEM project. Have fun!
We are working on projects in class in math, science and reading. These need to be completed, and are worth significant points toward grades. Please encourage your child to check ABI daily, looking to see if items need to be completed. This time of year is most critical that students stay focused on the final grades.
Biography Book Report--Reading Class(P4)
Students have selected an important person related to science, math, or an author to complete a biography project. They have been given specific instructions in class, and will be given handouts to help guide the progress. The project will be due in class on Wednesday, May 27th. This gives the students ample time to read about the person, create the poster, and add a little creativity to complete a quality project.
Progress Reports
Progress reports are being delivered soon. The grade may have changed since it was printed, so please check ABI for a more current grade. Remember, any tests can be retaken in math and science. Also, study hall every Tuesday is a great opportunity to get help with homework and retakes.

Solar Cell STEM Project
We will be working on making our own solar cells in class. I will be asking for supplies, but am hoping to keep it cheap. Please check with your child in the next week to see if he/she has agreed to bring in supplies for the project. Always check the 99 cent stores before you make any purchases...helps keep it cheap. Hopefully, we are getting things you already have available from around the house. Keep checking with them to see what we need. I will be checking off the list in the classroom so that all students can see and help out with what we need. Thanks.
There are many websites that are helpful for math. One of our favorites is Khanacademy. It is free when you sign-up, and it provides tutorials on topics in math. It is a quick way to get help when a teacher is not around. Try it out.

A New Start!
I hope the new year is a beginning nicely for everyone. One of the nice things about this time of year is that it is a great chance to show improvement. Each sixth grader gets a chance to improve and show it in their grades. Good or bad, grades will be replaced by the results of this semester, and that can be a great opportunity to start the new year off right. Everything you learned from last semester can help you make this semester the BEST! There is no substitute for hard work and discipline! Start NOW!
Grading Information
Please review the "Grading Information" file in the "Files" section of this website. It can be of help in reading ABI or why a child might have a "0" for a grade. I place zeros in the gradebook for incomplete work and for work not turned in at all. FYI
Progress Reports
Progress reports are going to be mailed soon. Please have a plan to improve grades through retakes, completing classwork, completing homework, and studying for all tests with extra intensity. Report cards will be coming out before the winter break, so that isn't much time to make changes. Keep working to do your best.
Extra Credit???
Students will ask me if I give extra credit, because they need help improving their grade. No. I don't give extra credit. Students need to do the work I have already assigned. Do the work well, and it usually takes care of the problem.
Learning Hasn't Changed
People keep asking me how to help with their grades. There is no strange new way to learn. Students need to do the work assigned, complete it on time, listen to instructions and lessons, ask questions to help with clarification, and repeat. Learning is work, no way around it.
Study Hall
Our Study Hall time in my classroom on Tuesdays from 2:15 to 3:15 is working out nicely. This will be each week, and students can come for homework help, to do retakes of tests, or get help on concepts that are confusing. It is a quiet place to work, and students will not be allowed to come and go as they wish. If they show-up, they need to plan on staying the whole time. That means have work to do. NOTE: Retakes require a "ticket" which is extra practice to be completed before they are allowed a retake(Math and Science).
ABI and Grades
Please keep checking ABI for grades. Students struggling in classes often have trouble with study skills, and need to be studying at home for tests and retakes. Students can check out books for the night from class, but need to bring them with them the next day to use in class.
Power Point Pages--Science
In Science, students will be asked to complete a "Power Point Page" for each lesson of each chapter assigned in the Science textbook. These pages are for note-taking purposes, and students are allowed to use them on the day of the test. These are done as homework, and are not collected until the day of the test. They are allowed to create these by hand or use a computer Power Point program. The "page" should consist of a title(lesson title), a box with 3 vocabulary words and definitions, a diagram or picture copied by hand from the book, or clip from digital sources, and a larger box with 5 bullet points that are main ideas or valuable information for the test. On the back of the page or on a separate piece of paper, students need to have a "Question Bank" with no more than 2 questions about information they want to know more about, and a half page summary of what they learned while researching ONE of the questions. I have posted the model/instructions to the "Files" section of this website, but your child can get a paper copy from me if it doesn't work for you.
Email address
My email address for the school is scot_gordon@ycjusd.us. Please don't try to reach me on the "schoolfusion" site. Thanks.
Student Agendas
Students should be writing Homework assignments, class activities, and important dates in the agenda daily. This is a great tool to USE. I will periodically give a grade for using the agenda properly. Just a little more information in case it helps. Thanks.
 Book Reports.docx
Book Report Format (5 Paragraph)
 Build a Seismograph.docx
Seismograph Project
 Cloze Activity.docx
Cloze Activity (Vocabulary)
 Cube Report.doc
Cube Report Format
 Energy Book Assignment.pdf
Chapter 3 Energy Book Assignment
 Erosion Control & Water Reservoir Project written analysis 2.docx
Erosion Control & Water Reservoir Project--Written Analysis
 Grading Information.docx
Grading Information
 Science Homework Activity.docx
Science Homework Activity Handout
 Science Power point homework pages.xps
Power Point Pages--Science
 Soil Horizon Project chapter 8 single copy.docx
Soil Horizon Project--Chapter 8
 Treasure Box Book Report Format.doc
Treasure Box Book Report Format

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